View Full Version : Gifts and Cleaning

09-05-10, 09:32 PM
Would love to see more gifts for neighbours added...kind of sick of the few we have to choose from.

It would be good if there was an icon or something next to a neighbours city name (on the Social / Neighbors screen) that fades when you have cleaned them each day (like the way the "gift" icon fades when you have sent a gift). This would make it easier to see who you have cleaned, and who you haven't, each day.

Some ideas to add
- Flowers or gardens
- Half size and quarter size grass, tress, shrubs, and paths
- BBQ areas
- Sand or beach areas to put next to rivers
- Would also love to see some people somewhere. We have cities with a population, but where are they all hiding?

09-12-10, 02:27 PM
When sending gifts it would be nice to have a 'select all' or send to all feature instead of the current clicking on each and every neighbour before clicking on send. I have over 500 neighbours and it is quite tedious.