View Full Version : Add 1/4 square flowers!

05-30-10, 06:19 AM
We should have some kind of crop -- flowers, perhaps -- that takes a quarter square. Maybe it just gives exp? or a bonus to nearby crops? But it would help with landscaping greatly.

05-30-10, 02:28 PM
Have you tried the Topiary? It can be found under Decorations in the Store, just scroll through the first three pages and you'll see it. They cost 1000 points of currency, add a little XP when placed and, I believe, only take up as much room as a Flagstone.

I hope this helps?

05-31-10, 06:29 AM
... but that's a topiary. I'm thinking flowers would be like crops, only smaller. Really allow people more custom landscapes, or they could go between rows of crops, etc. Lots of different kinds.