View Full Version : i think i have an idea to avoid the "lost all clothes within seconds" glitch

06-09-11, 02:13 PM
this happens to me a lot of time too and i find it annoying as people leave tips on the racks and tables, if clothes and accessories i make for days disappear within minutes it's hard for me to catch up filling them again.

so, i tried this and so far i haven't experienced the infamous glitch anymore :
i separate my boutique in kinda 2 sections:
- the 1st section is near the door area where i put my cashier and stuff i have a lot of stocks that i won't be worrying even if i open it for days, i also put some mirrors and fitting rooms needed not to make customers angry and make the sell
- the 2nd section is where i stock my stuff, this is the place i can open and close for sales. this is the place where i have racks and tables of things i still need to stock. this is where i put the things i don't wanna sell too fast

so far i've been doing this for few days and not experiencing the glitch cause i never block the door or the cashier.

i put racks, tables and decorations to separate the 2 rooms
this is how it looks when my boutique open for normal :
see the space near the door and the cashier where people can walk through?

and i put the flower vase to block the way through when i go to sleep at night so i can control the sales

06-09-11, 03:02 PM
Has it worked well so far?

06-09-11, 07:04 PM
Very clever idea!

06-09-11, 07:14 PM
My way is a bit risky. I stock all the items but open the store once I've done my stocking but stay a bit longer before I do anything. It actually works for me every time.

06-10-11, 01:10 AM
Saintlover, driftboutique, yeah it worked well so far, I've been doing this for almost a week, block and unblock the path and don't experience any glith, still makes the sale, no heart rating drop too.