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05-30-10, 02:19 AM
Done what i do every week and messing about iTunes looked at farm story by far the BEST game on iTunes but i have only gave it a rating of one star because it's online game and it sucks up all my cash in one hit when i play for 8minutes of game play.

We do not have the options of wifi or unlimited 3g been a farming nut when farming games came out so i have downloaded EVERY farming games on iTunes I downloaded this In its first week and Shock horror it was a ONLINE game just like the bomb farming games before this one.

They all bomb because online farming games often have bad servers that they connect 2 so it bombs i wish there was a game company that will make a OFFLINE farming game update on crops I will be willing to pay the reg price of $1.19

356 = five stars
111 = Four stars
170 = three stars
121 = two stars
350 = one star

Like I said before downloaded all the farming games online so I am noisy parker and read all comments and it come back time and time again server crashing or I can't get it because i do not have access to a wifi and 3g and when i do it coast me a ton of cash.

We need people to write on in if you want to see this game re made as a offline game please say so if ur willing to pay $1.19 to the makers please tell them if they get enough people wanting this then they will make it offline 2 but the numbers do not look so HOT guys 356 five stars and 350 one stars.

If u added it all up take the 2 stars add em 2 the one and the four 2 the five stars and three split it 50% the ONE stars will come out on top 552 five stars and 556 one stars Farm story please DO Some thing before this game dive bombs in to the ground.