View Full Version : Sometimes stars?

06-05-11, 01:17 PM
Does anyone know why I sometimes get stars when I place orders out on racks and other times I don't? I've noticed it a lot but can't see the rationale. I'm sure it's something obvious... Cheers!!

06-07-11, 10:41 AM
Come on, guys!

06-07-11, 04:47 PM
I actually haven't noticed that..I play everyday!

06-07-11, 06:26 PM
There are three prizes you can get daily.

1) stars only
2) coins only
3) stars and coins

It rotates daily through the prize. The reason its different between your neighbors has to do with the schedule they get on for when you added them. The schedule stays the same and just rotates.

06-07-11, 07:18 PM
You also don't get stars on the lower time items.