View Full Version : Please help, my items were gone

06-05-11, 03:29 AM
Hi i am having problems, Just a while ago I was redecorating my shop, so i need to put some of the rack in my storage to fit in my shop and i had items displayed there.. and when i was actually put all the rack back in my shop from my storage.. and all the items were all gone.. is it possible to retrieve all of my items... plz there are like 600 shoes, 300 sunglass, 400 bags that i can remember which i put 'em there..:(

06-05-11, 03:48 AM
Storm8 ID: phengz05

my english are not that good, but i hope you could understand my english clearly :)

06-05-11, 04:26 AM
That isn't a bug. It applies to all games. If you put a rack, table, counter, oven, etc, in storage with inventory on it, you lose the inventory.

Only put things in storage if they're empty. You can move these items around without putting them in storage. I redecorate all the time.

I feel bad for you. It's happened from time to time to some players who didn't know either. But at least you know now.

06-05-11, 08:36 AM
 oh my bad.. So that means i wont be able to retrieve my items now *sigh*.. Thank you for the advice any way, i really appreciate your response.

06-05-11, 09:46 AM
nope sorry... I accidently put a table in storage yesterday with 180,000 coffeecakes on it. :( My fault totally but it hurts.

You can move the tables/racks/plots around in design mode as long as its not put in storage and you will keep its contents. Once it goes into storage the contents of the rack/plot/table are gone with the wind forever. Sorry.

06-06-11, 04:36 AM
I've had this happen to me as well, it would be nice if a message popped up telling you this though. It's not exactly intuitive.