View Full Version : 25 catalog slot..

05-27-11, 07:15 AM
25 gems poof..
I was playing and while going through the catalog my finger slipped and pressed the extra slot and got zapped 25 gems in a second. This was barely 10 minutes ago..
I think it would be nice to have a refund butto take back the accidentals and have a time limit on it for maybe 20 minutes since accidentally purchasing the product..
Or maybe a confirmation button for the catalog slots that ask if you will really purchase it, yes or no.
I'm not super happy.. 25 gems isn't a small number..

05-27-11, 07:55 AM
Happened to me yesterday. Careful not to hover over it too long or it will go poof too. Really peeved me off when it happens and knowing that it's intentional from team lava is most infuriating.

05-27-11, 08:30 AM
I'm sorry. We've all done it. Unfortunately, Teamlava has never made anything out of this suggestion, mainly because so many people make accidental purchases, that it gets them lots of money.

06-04-11, 02:42 PM
The screen was stuck on the accept screen.. I tapped ok several times.. And poof chabang 25 gems gone. Serves me right-- after 6 months of playing these games.. & now the notifications don't work for the 6 games, I think it's time I get a new hobby.