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05-25-11, 07:39 PM
Hey everyone!

Just recently thought of new ideas for TL's next update!

Sale signs: They can attract new customers to buy the product that rarely is sold often.
EX:10% off Contrast Pumps.
Shopping bags: I've noticed that when a customer buys clothing, they leave with a pink shopping bag. we should be able to have our own logo on that.
Rotate the Walls: TL should make all games that have walls, rotate. They should make all walls visible. For example: There will be a rotation arrow so you can see the two walls that are never seen.
Clothing signs: There should be signs that separate clothing.
Ex:Jeans, Shirts (V-neck, crop.), Shoes.
Kids: There should be kids. A kids section, with kids clothing and shoes. It'll make more sales.

Any other suggestions should be posted below!
Thanks! I hope TL will take some of these suggestions!

05-25-11, 08:50 PM
New gift items

More separates in the catalog and the closet

Layering of clothing

Clothes that can be folded on tables

Rings in boxes instead of on zombie hands

I don't know about logos on the bags, but being able to choose different color bags would be nice

Separate eyebrows for the avatar

Red hair

New hair styles

A different magic box/less expensive magic box with closet items only

Stacked shelves

More settees in lots of different prints


Cosmetics dept

Reclaimed wood flooring and furniture

Floor to ceiling mirrors


I'm sure I have more :D

05-25-11, 09:56 PM
A large book case or shelf for multipal items

An opting to accept all tips at one time

An option to accept all gifts and to be able to select all neighbors at once to send a gift too

This would save time and help eliminate the problem I have when I have to get tips and the shelf gets cleared by accident

Option for reattaching levels maybe to get a bigger store rather then just a line of new clothing

05-25-11, 10:15 PM
I'm just wondering, why don't all of you save up your ideas for the events & contests to earn some gems?

05-26-11, 08:06 AM
Please add the ability to edit pending neighbors.  Thanks.