View Full Version : Where are my magic box items?

05-23-11, 05:18 AM
Since i started fashion story i have purchased 4 or 5 magic box, but i only got one item, where are the rest? I have checked everything out, design, closet etc yet they cant be found, help me pls

06-04-11, 07:25 AM
Did u find it? I just bought 1 magic box, and out pop a white boots w/ a buy box, so no choice i just clicked on it. and then another pop-out w/ the green changing room w/ buy box. so i clicked buy. Then, another box came out w/ the blue dress, so just clicked the X to closed it. When I get back to find the boots & green changing room, nowhere! But the blue dress was in the closet, that was really bad!!! I don't like blue at all. That really get me. I posted a complain to TL just now. I really wish they can fix this kind of bugs and glitches, as I really love the game.
My questions is?
1. Is that how the magic box open? W/ 1 choice and buy option? Why is there a buy option when you already clicked the magic box slot?
2. Then, why another box appeared w/ another item w/ buy option? Does that mean another magic box meaning another charge? why did it not go back to magic box slot to avoid confusion!
3. And why did the one I did not clicked buy, but clicked X, appeared in the closet?

Any help???

06-08-11, 05:10 PM
I bought magic box from restaurant today and won the jazz set, never got it in my items.....I want what I won....I spent good money for my gems and my item never got placed in my inventory????

12-25-11, 07:46 PM
i believe i never got those items until now (7 months later) nor a reply to this message, i decided to ignore them and continue with life, writing to team lava is like talking to empty space...what else is new...whether it is Norman, Group Magma...still the same old story, bad customer support.