View Full Version : Real money for virtual money?

08-29-10, 02:45 PM
Probably my 7 year old son downloaded City Story on my iPod. It seems that he also has bought City Cash because my account has been debited with EUR 39.99!!! How can I change the virtual City Cash money back into real money. I don't understand the philosophy: Do you realy pay real money to get virtual money? It must be a missunderstanding - I never will to pay for the little moments my son plays with my iPod. Please help me to get my money back - I don't want to believe that EUR 39.99 should be burnt by just one finger click.

Poor father

08-29-10, 11:21 PM
I think you should create another Itunes account without any real money added in it. Your son should use his own account rather giving him the privilege to use your money out of the game. You can sign out your Itunes account in the App Store > Featured or Categories or Top 25 > Scroll it down to the bottom > Click the Account: [your id] > Sign it out

About your real money spent on this game, try and try to contact the TeamLava Support, even in their email. Maybe, just maybe, they can refund your money.

I suggest there should be a function that will ask your Itunes password before you can purchase City Cash to add security and control on your real money in your Itunes account.