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unlucky fellow
08-29-10, 02:44 PM
Probably my 7 year old son downloaded City Story on my iPod. It seems that he also has bought City Cash because my account has been debited with EUR 39.99!!! How can I change the virtual City Cash money back into real money. I don't understand the philosophy: Do you realy pay real money to get virtual money? It must be a missunderstanding - I never will to pay for the little moments my son plays with my iPod. Please help me to get my money back - I don't want to believe that EUR 39.99 should be burnt by just one finger click.

Poor father

08-29-10, 03:35 PM
U need to log out of ur apple acct before letting ur kid play with ur iPod so no accidental purchases can be made without having ur password. It's not just one click eithEr. You need to confirm the purchase. When I've been logged out I've had to re enter my apple password to make in app purchases. I let my 8 year old play too, that's why I don't stay logged into the store. If she buys anything on my account, while my password is active, I'm responsible. Sounds like a harsh lesson but imagine if everyone changed their mind about purchases, wanted $ back so said...oops, my kid did it.

Junior needs a talking too about consequences and perhaps not allowed to use the iPod if doesn't ask dads permission to download. Doubt you'll get ur $ back because u did authorize his use. How did he download the game without ur password from the apps store?

Anyways, I truly empathize with your situation but you'll probably be out the bucks. Be glad he didn't download a med app that goes for 100 us.

08-29-10, 04:36 PM
Son unos hijos de mil putas, ladrones, estafadores, putos y maricones.

08-29-10, 06:02 PM
Son unos hijos de mil putas, ladrones, estafadores, putos y maricones.

Wow, that's a pretty childish immature rant. How r they thieves? The guy supposedly let his kid play, if that's what really happened, and didn't take appropriate action to ensure the kid didn't download anything. How did the kid know his password? U gonna give a kid a credit card then be prepared, because that's basically what u do when u leave ur acct open. Their not thieves, and u don't know who they're parents are...so what a stupid rant.

The guy probably did it himself, then had regrets after. Now wants a refund. Take responsibility for ur own actions, in this case leaving ur kid unsupervised with open financial impacts and don't blame others for ur own lack of insight. Sheesh man, hot heads like u are what's wrong with this world.

08-30-10, 01:37 PM
You can simply go to general setting and in restrication enable it and put a password,

then go there and just disable the in-store purshecs