View Full Version : Also happend to click on the "Buy slot for 25 gems"... wtf?

05-19-11, 03:37 PM
I play alot of your games, so does alot of others, and I have seen your "we don't give a *** about you, we just want your money" style alot now, but now its getting silly.

You just announced that you could get 7 gems for downloading "a new game" or whatever, and so alot of us did, but only got those gems in one game, does this stand somewhere? In one game only?

"Notice, this will only be awarded in one game so please choose in wich game carefully"!=??=!??

And now, when I was about to fix Fashion Story for the Night, I happend to touch the "Buy slot for 25 Gems" "button"...
So what happend? I didn't get any """ARE YOU **** SURE??!?!?"""Message????????????!!???
I just got rid of my Gems in wich I saved for months, only to pick my detailing carefully, I had 29 gems, now I got 4... yay...? -.- ... ... ...

The most irritating part is that this has been on the forum for a long time, and I know that I wont get my Gems back to 99,9% chance...
I don't realy care if I lose 10 slots, or only keep EVEN 1 AND LOSE THE REST!! MY 25 GEMS IS WORTH MORE THEN ALL THOSE SLOTS:...!=!=!= -.- ????

Im a patience person and I always try to think before I speak, but this just made me lose it.
You don't understand how important those Gems are for people... this is your biggest fail.

I'll probaly stop playing this **** now, maybe the others aswell, but what do you care as you got plenty of other users huh?

A Dissapointed Player,

05-19-11, 03:54 PM
Edited for language. Your concern is noted, but please be aware that inappropriate language will not be tolerated in the forums.