View Full Version : Not making enough money.

05-17-11, 07:56 AM
I'm not making money fast enough in this game and its a bit frustrating for me. I have thousands of drinks and they are slowly consumed, furthermore, the music meter is only an hour long. Between work and sleep I don't get to refill it much. Also the max number of club goers is 15, that hinders me even further. My next expansion is 2mil and I already used up my saved club cash for my last expansion. I need to make money faster cuz its dragging along and starting to bore me and I have high expectations for this game which I really do like as of now.

Longer music times and higher Max Avatars please! Thank you.

kooky panda
05-17-11, 08:01 AM
I do not understand why Team lava did not speed up the drink selling with the last update. I have 76 nbrs and only 30 are still playing.
They all have the game on hold until the drink sales speed up and they can make some money to decorate and expand.

PLease team lava, speed up the sales!!!!

I love this game, but not being able to expand is frustating. If there is a reason why you cannot speed up the sales, please let us know.

05-17-11, 03:19 PM
I cleared thousands of 2 coin drinks and now only have the 24 & 48 hour drinks that sell for 5 coins, and I only have to check in once a day to serve and make more drinks. Maybe TL could add few more avatars with each expansion?

05-19-11, 05:02 AM
I have gazilion drinks that still on my counters and on going to achieve mastery. I've voiced this matter for many times. TL just won't take any actions. I can't expand too and I'm getting fade up about it too.

05-19-11, 06:31 AM
Expanding is taking forever in this game and this is the one game that I would actually like a bigger space, most of the space is taken up by bars and drink displays. The expansions are way to costly compared to the drink sales.

05-19-11, 07:21 AM
I hope that they fix it. It is obiously annoying. Strangely enough though, in games like FshS, the things are selling too fast!

06-26-11, 06:29 AM
Yes!! Someone speaks out!! I have no idea how those HUGE nightclubs make so much money and expand so quickly! Also, the prices to expand are so high! TL should make it easier to earn coins and cheaper to expand. There ARE a handful of people like you (and me) that are finding it hard to expand and grow our nightclubs. I have been saving up my coins for a while! TL, do something!!!