View Full Version : Mastery

05-07-11, 09:16 PM
If there isn't any mastery in this story, I wonder how are we supposed to earn gems other than use our real cash?

05-07-11, 09:20 PM
I've noticed the same thing! Besides spending on our itunes account, how about making a mastery TL!

05-19-11, 05:23 AM
Where is the mastery after so many maintenances?

05-19-11, 07:28 AM
When ZS was first released about a month or two ago, GM said that they were
still perfecting the mastery. I don't know why it's not here yet. You could try VMing him (PM doesn't allow anyone else to see the answer, so I think VM would be best!:p).

05-21-11, 02:25 PM
Just wondering....is there any way to earn gems yet? Don't mind supporting the games, but not when it's the only way. Won't put a dime towards this one until there's the ability to earn gems in game. Is there an eta for this functionality....anyone know?