View Full Version : New player plz add me - saintlover

05-07-11, 04:19 PM
Hi I'm a regular at bakery and zoo stories and have just decided to try my hand at being a fashionista. Please add me - saintlover

05-09-11, 08:30 AM
I am really disenchanted with the fashion story players so far. I've been playing bakery story daily for 2 months now. I am a daily tipper/gifter & rarely miss a day and am almost finished with level 47 with a pr of 4 always. Decided to branch out and join zoo story and have been playing for about 2 weeks, on level 31 already, not many friends but tour and gift daily with a pr of 3. Nothing new has come out on zoo story so I'm sort of biding my time. But fashion story, that's a whole other beast. I installed it last week and am enthralled with all the options. It has the potential to be one of the better games.....except there are two types of players. Ones with extensive boutiques and high pr's and those that have empty shops. I am only on level 9 but have a pr 3. I visit and like constantly, have my storm id on my wall but have yet to secure more than 5 neighbors! I only get one return visit per every 20+ I do. The requests I do send out to players with 3/4 pr are ignored and left in que for days even though they are still clearing their stores or declined. What is up with that?! I'm really disappointed and will probably give up the game because the players are not friendy what so ever. Not sure why this game is so different than the other two I enjoy so much, but wow, just wow!