View Full Version : How to get rid of a troll?

05-04-11, 04:56 PM
I have someone ignorant who comes and leaves harassing messages on my wall. I tried turning off the comments but it didn't work. The bot thinks I'm Asian and is very racist. I'm not, but choose to live in Asia for many reasons. Anyway, I hate racism all the same. How can I get rid of this racist, American bot?

05-04-11, 05:00 PM
Unfortunately, there's no Block feature at this time in TeamLava games.

However, if the person is using inappropriate language, this is definitely something TeamLava Support can help you with. Take a screenshot of the inappropriate content (if you can), and provide the Storm8 ID of the offending user (or the ID of the wall on which it was posted). Then, mail this info to support@teamlava.com. They will investigate and take the appropriate action.

05-04-11, 05:06 PM
I can't take a screen shot unfortunately. I just know the name of it's boutique. Can I turn my comments off? I play a lot of the games at teamlava and this is the only one that I've had a problem.

05-04-11, 05:08 PM
If you're playing Fashion Story, you're on an iOS device, so you should be able to take screenshots.
To take a screenshot, press the Sleep and Home buttons at the same time. The Sleep button is located on the upper edge of your device and the Home button is the button in the bottom center. The snapshot will be saved in the Photos section. Then you can e-mail the photo to us. :)

You aren't able to turn off Comments, but if the comments are on your wall, you can tell the Support team your Storm8 ID, and they can find the user from your Comment section.

05-04-11, 05:10 PM
Thank you. The next time it sends a comment, I'll try to take a screenshot or do the other thing you suggested.

05-04-11, 05:28 PM
I can give you the name of the troll's boutique: Dev's Boutique. Personally I would ban the racist who makes Americans look bad if I were you.

05-04-11, 05:36 PM
I personally can't ban this user, but if you email support@teamlava.com, they can investigate this matter.