View Full Version : How do I request materials from my neighbors? Help

04-28-11, 08:55 PM
How to request materials?

04-29-11, 01:16 AM
You can only request materials via the game function if you are building a 'service' building. Once you buy one, you will need to tap on it a few times to 'build' it. It will then say you need certain items to finish building. This message is seen by double clicking on the building. There is a 'request' button next to the materials within that message. Click on it and it takes you to your neighbours list where you can select which neighbours to send it to.

Alternatively, you can post a message on your neighbour's wall requesting any gift you desire ... such as energy packs.

Remember, you only receive one gift per neighbour per day, to a maximum of 20 total. It's a good idea to divide your requests between your neighbours so that they only receive one each.