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04-27-11, 04:54 AM
Hi Guys,

First off all, do not pay attention to all the whiners that go on about not enough energy, or energy not needed in the game. They just need to learn how to play, get lots of neighbours, and manage their crop / feeding workflow properly.

As for some suggestions for the game...

1) I have lots of "pending" neighbour requests. Clearly some of them have now left the game. It would be nice to have the option to discard the request from my queue (the same goes for the other "story" games.

2) It would be handy if when your neighbours are building, if you tapped on it you could see what materials they are short of. At the moment, the materials request/gifting is hard work because people don't know how to do it properly so just spam requests out - it takes ages getting your requests fulfilled.

3) Some of the animals are crazy expensive (Panda and woolly mammoth spring to mind). It would be nice if there was a way to "win" bonus animals that did not require massive amounts of gems (albeit I understand that TeamLava need to make money through the gem system). Maybe you could get animals in ways other than just coins or gems - i.e. get so many neighbours (like 100 or something) and win a different kind of animal. Or plant all the different crops at the same time to unlock another animal - kind of like in game "easter eggs". It would add an extra dimension as people try to figure out how to unlock the extra animals.

4) Everyone's zoo looks a bit "same-y" - compared to my favourite game Baerky Story where everyone's bakery is so different. This is because bakery story has different decor, furniture, window styles etc that allow people to personalise. I guess it is more difficult to do in a game like zoo story, but even just allowing people to choose different colours for the path, different shades of green for the gress and bushes, etc would allow a little bit of individuality.

5) I like the apple trees and banana trees that generate food without requiring frequent replanting - but they don't really give out much food. A tweak upwards would be nice, as would some alternative fruit trees (oranges, plums, cherries etc).

On the whole, thanks for an enjoyable game

04-27-11, 01:55 PM
Thanks for the feedback! I can touch base on a few of these:

1) Unfortunately, there's no option at this time, and I can't speculate on when/if one will be added, but I'll definitely pass this along to our development team.
4) We'll have more content added in the coming weeks; this should help diversify the Zoos a bit. :)
5) I believe the trees don't yield much Food just because there's much less hassle in planting/harvesting them, plus the trees only need to be purchased once. However, we continue to tweak with these things, so it may be changed in the future if we think it's more beneficial to the game.

Good feedback overall! Thanks for sharing! :D

04-27-11, 04:12 PM
I agree with nearly everything said (rest assured, that is unusual). TeamLava have done a rather good job at this. They obviously do need to give attention the 'whiners' to make the game best for everyone but, good, true feedback.