View Full Version : Bug with dance icons left by neighbours

04-27-11, 01:43 AM
Ok I searched and couldn't find this reported yet. Since downloading the latest game update a few days ago, I can no longer see any dance icons left by others dancing at my club, so I can't collect them. According to messages left for me, my dance floor is full however every time I check it, it looks completely empty to me.

I am sure some of my neighbours are having the same issue as neighbours that usually have cleared dance floors are currently full.

Anyone else having this problem?

04-27-11, 10:28 AM
Are you getting none? Or are they just taking a while to get there- at least that's what I've noticed. I'll have an inbox full of messages, but no dance floor tips. Hour or two later, they'll show up. There seems to be a very long lag time- you are right!

04-28-11, 06:22 AM
It finally showed up after 3 days for me. Now it seems to be working again with the lag you mentioned, but I can live with that. 3 days was really frustrating knowing my dancefloor was full but I couldn't clear it.