View Full Version : Why am i not getting any building parts?

04-25-11, 08:42 PM
At this rate, it'll take two or three years to get anything built. I have NOT accepted 20 gifts today. More like five. BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN FOR THIING I REQUESTED!!!!! what's up with that?:mad:

04-26-11, 04:49 AM
I seem to be getting mostly energy. And trees. what's up with THAT! I don't need trees! :D

04-26-11, 04:51 AM
I find that leaving a message on someone's wall works better. Ask what they need and say what you need.
I have sent you a friend request. I'll send you what gift you request!

04-26-11, 05:05 AM
I'll add you as well. Hopefully you'll get two items you want!