View Full Version : Buying Farm land - crops under construction glitch

04-23-11, 12:15 PM
Today I was trying to buy more Farm land for my zoo. When I tried to buy multiple ones, it wouldn't work. I could only buy more farmlands while the first 1 was being bought and the green bar was moving, then after it was finished buying, I could not buy more and I had to go back to the market, press food, then press farmland (happens both in Market button and "Tap to build").
Then when I started to buy corn with these new-bought farmland, there was no countdown timer, it just said Under Construction. So I do not know if it will be complete in 4 hours, or if it's stuck like that forever and I just have to cancel it and make something else.
This has happened on my iPod Touch 3 iOS 4.3 AND iPod Touch 4 iOS 4.3.1.

Anyone else got this?

Edit: I think I just collected a cabbage on one of these glitched farmlands. The only thing wrong was that it was ready to be collected, but the picture/animation showed a freshly planted cabbage and not a full cabbage. So I think this "Under Construction" text is just a new glitch that cann confuse players.

EDIT : this got fixed.