View Full Version : What is Fuzzy Moss?

06-11-19, 08:59 AM
One of my ponds just dropped Fuzzy Moss. What is its significance? BTW, I had just reached level 20.

kooky panda
06-11-19, 09:48 AM
Fuzzy moss
Info: Used to craft toadstool building materials, and is earned from fishing in ponds and wells. This can also be found in the Fountain
Found: Cottage, Farmhouse, Fountain, Ivy's Hut, Ponds, Porcini, Toadstool Spire, Wells, swan pond, Princess Lorelei, Spring Fountain, Wisp Garden, Mermaid Fountain, Oasis pond, Lion fountain
Uses: item in Mossy Block

You can find information under "The Hub".


06-11-19, 09:55 AM
Thank you!