View Full Version : Add Me: Dragon Story: 2019

kooky panda
06-03-19, 10:50 AM
Looking for active neighbors?

Post your ID here. Only one post per ID please.

06-08-19, 06:17 AM
add me: heatherfayee

07-05-19, 12:26 AM
Looking for 1 new every day gold player. Add Natalie28028

07-12-19, 11:18 AM
Add me: kristalynn0823 (I don't have access to the forum to that account but it's what I use to play all my games on)!!

09-24-19, 08:39 AM
Hello. I still new to game. I level 14 almost 15, I will gift gold daily. I will visit and play with your dragon, as long as available.

10-02-19, 05:46 PM
Add me please. Had to start all my games over. I was at level 56.

10-06-19, 01:20 AM
Need 1 every day player who send gifts and gold. Island name Audrey
I send every day gold, play every day since 3 years