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05-27-19, 09:32 PM
I am writing this letter for requesting the soundtracks from Bingo! TM app game. I wish Storm8, the creator studio can sparking some ideas on my requisition.

Around six years ago, I played the game every-day and had collected a lot of items with all my passion and love. It is an exciting and attractive game I think I would never forget in my remaining life.

But what truly magnetize me, the unique background music in every bingo theme room. I remembered "Mother's Day Getaway" theme song is my dreamy-favourite, which ring like the perfect melody perform in the whole spy room.

However, one accident had changed all of these. At that time my level is above 60 or something, heartbreakingly after I switch my new phone and re-installed all the apps, I found I lost all the data from the Bingo game!

After this, it became one of my regret which I think I should bring it up again. I really love the music from the Bingo game! Regardless the theme music, every single theme-room music, and the "competition" room theme music, all of them I loved them! And I just can't forget, all the best memories and melodies once emerged in my life.

Could they being recorded in a digital album? I would spend what I have if I can retrieve them back.

Some of these days I always think about: Should I play the game from the start? Had I missed so many great contents in the game? Or have a sigh on Bingo game seems not that popular nowadays.

Thank you for listening my story. Thank you very much! I knew Storm8 is always the best.

Yours truly,
By Seth.

[S8] Elsa
07-09-19, 02:00 PM
Please send me a private message and I'll see if I can help you get your game progress back. :)

Unfortunately, I don't think we can share the music due to licensing reasons.