View Full Version : Ugh! Enough of the baking sheets as serving trays!

02-05-19, 05:27 PM
What bakery takes their delicious bites from the oven and places them DIRECTLY ON A SERVING COUNTER still on the baking sheet?! Seriously! I am so over the lack of attention to detail in this game. What happened to the fancy cake stands and doily covered serving platters? Why do all the new recipes have to be served on a gray baking sheet, some with the parchment paper still under the goodies! Come on Storm 8. Is it really that hard to put a little effort into the counter presentation? :mad:

02-05-19, 07:39 PM
I agree. The trend of using flat sheets is awful.

02-05-19, 09:32 PM
Thirded :(

02-06-19, 04:54 PM
Totally agree, I am purposely baking layer cakes that are decorated beautifully even though I have reached a 4 on all the recipes on those ovens. It’s what a bakery should have on display. I did like the breads that we had in the last goal. They were a pleasant change back to bakery food.

02-06-19, 06:13 PM
If they insist on the baking sheets then maybe we can get racks for them instead of counters. Dunkin’ Donuts look all the way. If it’s not a pretty counter display then why spend the money on a pretty counter? A rack to stash multiples on will be just fine. (Shrug) hey, it’s a compromise.