View Full Version : No Longer Loading My Data

01-28-19, 11:11 AM
I have been playing this game for years (and have a couple other Storm 8 games too) but today when I opened Jewel Mania it showed my usual game at the level I was last at, then suddenly went back to the home screen and showed the loading symbol, then asked me if I wanted to log in with Facebook (which I never have logged in before) or log in as a guest. So I chose guest and now it's loading the game from the beginning and all my data is gone.

So I uninstalled it, reinstalled, loaded up Bakery Story to check that my ID was still shown as loaded, and checked my other Storm 8 games. All other games are fine, but Jewel Mania isn't. Help!

01-30-19, 07:54 PM
Somehow the issue fixed itself, my game starting loading right again.

kooky panda
01-31-19, 10:32 AM
Glad to hear!! Thanks for reporting back.:)