View Full Version : Fashion & Nightclub stories to slow - speed up or increase prices please

04-09-11, 03:54 PM
Items sell far to slow, please either speed the game up or reduce the expansion & other items costs. Nightclub had over 46,000 drinks when I went to bed, overnight (approx 9 hours) only 8840 sold.

04-10-11, 08:43 AM
I agree with you about Nightclub story but you think Fashion Story is too slow? I have the opposite experience (and so do lots of others), things sell too fast!

04-11-11, 12:29 AM
Fashion Story is way way too slow for me. I'm not sure whether it's too slow, but esp in Fashion Story, there seems to be a lot of customers happy and buying but the money does not seem to be collected for everyone.