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10-31-18, 01:13 AM
During the holiday season I've noticed that I get more elusive dragons. There's a thread started for the caretakers who already bred their elusive dragons. I started this one for anyone who has a breeding wishlist. Let's put em out in the Storm8 universe. You never know, the wishes may just result in the timers you desire :-).

Mine are the following:
Crown Jewel
Black Diamond

What's yours?

10-31-18, 02:04 PM
Of the available dragons, I've only got six left to breed and I've been trying for them continuously for the last year or so. Well, I say continuously but by that I obviously mean I try when I'm using my roost to breed whatever dragon is needed for an event. This new system of event dragons has really cut into my breeding schedule!

Breedables I need:

Prime Loyal
Prime Magic
Prime Power
Prime Void

I hope you're right about the holiday bringing extra luck, I would love to cross any of these off my list!