View Full Version : Putting display racks in storage

04-08-11, 05:33 PM
Does anyone know if we put display racks in storage that have clothes on them, do we lose the clothes?
I'd like to re-arrange my shop and sort by color,item type but when you hit design you can't see what is on the racks.

04-08-11, 05:34 PM
It will lose! Don't do that. You can move but can't store!

04-08-11, 05:37 PM
Thanks Sophia!
TeamLava needs to change that

04-08-11, 05:40 PM
No you can't store the items, but maybe make it a bit easier on yourself to re-arrange.

Typically what I do when I want to change/re-arrange in apps such as these is set them up by moving the items first, if I can only the ones I want to work on in an area together. It can be a pain to do if you have a lot of things to re-arrange, but I'm not too keen on losing the item(s) either. I know sounds odd, but there's really a method to the madness. You sort of just get used to it the more you move things around.

Maybe that will help you think of a way to make a process for yourself that will assist you in re-arranging. :)

Good luck.

04-08-11, 10:50 PM
yeah you will lose the items in the rack :(
i wanted to rotate my rack instead i touch the storage button by mistake and lose hundreds of my long time earned clothes :((