View Full Version : Dire boars vs mermaid scales

10-12-18, 07:36 PM
Can S8 please ease up on the dire boars popping up in the game I?m being inundated with dire boars no skunkupine or fangbeasts just dire boar. And can S8 please be a little more generous with mermaid scales in the ponds and wishing wells. It takes me forever to craft anything because I never can get 5 mermaid scales. It wasn?t like this when I first started playing 6 yrs ago. Yeah I?m a long time player and still can?t get anything I need always a ton of stuff I don?t need.

10-12-18, 10:17 PM
Just have 10 water sources out (Pond, Weel, etc.) and collect from it regularly, your scales will go up. I have bought 1 mermaid pond and never regretted this purchase.

As for boars, well it depends where you are in the storyline. At some point you won't be able to do a single action without one popping up. You might gather in places where fangs & skunks lurk. See the monster nugget (in my sig).

10-12-18, 11:25 PM
I find I have better luck with scales and fish at the wells. Plus, they reset in half the time so you get to collect more times and they occupy a quarter of the space so you can have more of them.

As for Dire Boars, they're just a passing phase. I once had to fight them every single time I visited Ivy.

10-30-18, 01:49 PM
I remember struggling for scales at one point as well. Now I’m completely maxed out and this happened in a very short space of time, possibly during the last event where we had to spawn skeletons from ponds. Patience, I fear, and steady collections from ponds is the key. I find the more of a resource you have, the more it tends to drop.

I generally try to park a boar in an area I have no need to visit very often and then try to play around him until I feel like getting rid of him or we get a weekday/end warrior and I need to get rid of him. I actually have a couple dire boar traps in my inventory that I’ve won from watching videos or some such thing. I can’t imagine EVER being in a position where I’m desperate enough for a dire boar to have to use them!