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10-11-18, 11:45 AM
While writing on a neighbors wall, I wanted to mention a bewitching cocktail that she was displaying. After posting my two line note, the note was rejected because it contained innapropriate words. I tried again, making doubly sure that there was nothing offensive written, yet again, the post was rejected. Finally, I tried just posting the word cocktail to find out if that was the offending word and yes, that was deemed to be innapropriate. I then posted my comment substituting the word drink for cocktail and it posted. How is it even remotely possible that a word that Storm8 itself uses in a description can be innapropriate for a user to post?

10-13-18, 05:33 AM
I have passed in your feedback. Thanks.

10-14-18, 06:43 AM
This has also happened to me many times and I have never figured out why it was rejected. Very irritating.

10-17-18, 02:03 PM
Hi here is something else that should be addressed. When you type a message, the keyboard gives different emojis that can be included in messages. One of them is a yellow clenched fist with the middle finger sticking straight up. That, at least in some countries, is well known to be an obscene gesture and most innapropriate to be included for use in the family oriented games of Storm8. Please pass that on to the powers that be too and include the message that the problem does need to be addressed. Thank you