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10-10-18, 11:58 AM
Hello, I made the potion needed for a goal and when it was completed I went to retrieve it and I have a lock on it saying INVENTORY IS FULL..What do I do to move forward with my goal?

Thank you.

10-10-18, 01:47 PM
Once you make the Horse Gusto the second part is to TOSS it in the goal called Purple Haze. Just press the green TOSS button and the goal will complete. :) gusto is limited to 1.

If you made 2 then collect from only one Potion Shop and then finish getting the 3 skunkupies and give those to the goal then you can collect from your potion shop and get the other gusto you made.

Here are the goals that relate to where you are: https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?94062-Castle-Story-New-Main-Story-Goal-Guide&p=1364427&viewfull=1#post1364427

2: If you give a horse a Skunku-pie...
* Brew some horse gusto 0/1 MAKE (skip 10) | Potion Shop, 2 hours - 25 hot pepper, 12 purple petal, 5 horse hair
* Feed Sir Daisy skunku-pie 0/3 GIVE (skip 30)
Rewards: 1300 coin, 5 xp
Congratulations: Ivy: All done! Now, where's Sir Daisy... ?

Ivy: Alright, let's give it a try! But first we need to find Sir Daisy. I wonder where he wandered off to... ?
3: Purple Haze
* Get rid of the 'horse gusto' 0/1 TOSS
* Look for Sir Daisy 0/30 SEARCH (skip 60) | all flowers, fruit trees, mythic mushrooms, faerie flowerbed
Rewards: 1300 coin, 5 xp
Congratulations: Ivy: There he is!

10-10-18, 06:21 PM
Thank you so much

10-10-18, 07:07 PM
I can’t remember where we make the skunk-u-pie?

10-10-18, 08:33 PM
Thank you so much, where do you make the skunku-pie at?

10-10-18, 09:11 PM
Thank you so much, where do you make the skunku-pie at?

From Inventory:
Found: trade with Belladonna, Belladonna's inscription trade, one off fortune drop by doing trade with Belladonna, Ivy's Hut, Ivy's Bakery
Uses: item in Boar bait (5 required in a Boar-ing Problem)

11-12-18, 07:41 AM
Thank you so much, where do you make the skunku-pie at?

I get all of mine as drops from Ivy's Bakery