View Full Version : Never enough Turbinado Sugar / Silver Stamps

09-22-18, 06:03 AM
I always seem to be short of Turbinado Sugar, thanks to the glut of dishes that require it as an ingredient. You get Lani's tasks which allow you to win a total of 5 silver stamps for making dozens of dishes over the course of days, and what do these 5 stamps get you? 7 Turbinado Sugars? It's not worth the effort, especially considering as often as not one of the dishes you have to make to get these stamps requires Turbinado Sugar as an ingredient! Gem dishes which use it generally require 2 to 4 servings, meaning there is no way to keep a replenished stock of the stuff. Either give us more silver stamps or make them more generous!

10-15-18, 03:17 PM
So Lani is back again, and aside from the unsurprising snafu around the express order, once again we have silver stamp orders which require turbinado sugar for the recipes? Tell me, what is the point of these grinding repetitive tasks if they will leave us in the exact same position we started in?

09-20-19, 11:34 AM
I agree I never have enough to cook all the recipes that need them to gain gems. I have to hold onto them for cruises and then often run out during the cruise:(