View Full Version : I deleted city story

Not A Troll
08-21-10, 05:01 PM
Dear TeamLava,
Thanks for another free game. But this one doesn't have anything worth playing for. It looks very bland and has nothing of interest.
This is a miss for me.

Thanks again,
Not A Troll

08-22-10, 03:43 AM
I think that you are far from alone here, many seem to be unsure of the farming the city 'coz farms are girly premise as, though it may improve user base, this lends itself only clumsily to a working game mechanic. Plus, with the young male demographic holding more sway than in Farm Story and the ability to harvest cleanliness as soon as it is seen, rather than waiting for the crops to mature as in its counterpart, the pace and implied sense of urgency leads to a less pleasant atmosphere here - with more prevalent, multi pasted messages begging all the louder for visitors and demanding neighbours here.

I prefer to refer to these games as 'Lite', rather than free as there is increasingly more content that may only be purchased. Once this ratio becomes unacceptable to me here I will join you (and CS is well on its way).