View Full Version : New Policy: Inappropriate Content in Forums Could Result in a Ban from TeamLava Games

04-06-11, 06:25 PM
I wanted to inform you all of a new policy that will be implemented immediately in the TeamLava forums.

Due to a small minority of users posting inappropriate content in the forums -- be it inappropriate language, inappropriate images, etc. -- we will be increasing the penalties for posting this content. In addition to being banned in the forums, inappropriate content posted in forums may result in a ban from TeamLava games as well.

Not all violations of the Terms of Service will result in a ban from TeamLava games, and disciplinary actions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If anyone has any questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to answer.

Edit: Thread closed 5/23/11 and moved to Rules & Policies. PM me for further questions. :)

04-06-11, 06:52 PM
I haven't seen any new images since registration was implemented, but if someone does give it a try, then I completely agree with this new rule being used.

04-09-11, 10:15 PM
hello GroupMagma!
thank you for taking action against all the innapropriate filth all these people are posting on the forums!

it is quite miserable looking at all the mess on these forums.

keep up the great work!

from gobblies

04-10-11, 07:05 AM
I've a ton of more filth messages. I'll send GroupMagma a PM.

04-11-11, 07:13 PM
Thanks for telling us about this. Is there any way to give all of the players a heads up via pop up when we log on? I hate loosing food and seeing other players loose food for lack of having this info.

04-12-11, 11:10 PM
Thank you for the forewarning! 

04-12-11, 11:12 PM
 About time! Thank you!

04-13-11, 01:18 AM
I just realized this notification was for the 11th...not yesterday. May I make a suggestion? Use a popup within the game like you do with the holiday chests and gem offers for downloading other games. Otherwise, you're not reaching very many of the players. Only a small handful even know this forum exists. That's one popup that I don't think anyone would mind getting interrupted with. The others...not so much.