View Full Version : Night Club Story best of the Story games but needs WORK

04-05-11, 11:39 AM
- First of all, using this on an Ipad 2, uninstalled and reinstalled. Custom playlist often "forgets" itself when I come back in, and I'm on default music.. Seriously hate that.

- There should be a scheme for having your music playing for more than 1 hour, like adding DJ tables or expensive ones etc.

- Where is the Android version?

- Since it is probably impossible to download music to other network users, at least the custom tracklist names should play... AND the option to have your custom playlist continue to play even if you visit other people.

- 10 items you can buy in game, and 80 items you can buy with "cash" .. um.. a little lopsided?

- You should be able to play with and adjust the lighting system.

Otherwise it has the most potential IMHO of the Story games... oh and where's the android version?