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08-15-18, 12:42 PM
Royal Points (RP), like Gems (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?79057)or Energy (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?78083), is a strategic component of the game acquired through buildings or decorations with RP attached.

Items with royal points attached:

Type Tab
Building Royal
Decoration Animals

You will find those in the game marketplace under their respective tabs. Note that event or goal items are only available during specific times. Only items that are placed on the game board count toward your RP count. Stored items are ignored.

RPs are mainly needed to open unexplored realm plots, see Nugget #2 - Expanding (https://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?77377) to know how much you need to have to expand to all available plots.

As part of the U-Goals, you can seek to maximize the number of RPs. The maximum number of RP in the realm is defined by the available space and items with RP on the game board. After discounting all the items that cannot be sorted, there are 2280 single plots available.

As the game has a cap on all items or an aggregated cap per item class (i.e. Royal Buildings), you cannot only place the highest RP density item on the game board (currently the best footprint RP ratio is the Theater from level 2 onward, a Level 9 Theater yields >80 RP per plot). You will need a faire combination of items, moreover to have a functional game you need a variety of buildings or decorations in order to progress.

One mix that seems to fit the equation:

Name # Total RP
Barracks 1 100
Cathedral L9 1 364
Conservatory L9 1 160
Cownt Dracula 1 15
Fey Gateway 99 990
Floral Rainbow Arch 99 990
Floral Topiary Wall 99 297
Good de Fence 99 495
Haunted Keep 1 100
Hydrangea Hedge 99 99
Jeweler L9 1 140
King's Keep 1 180
Knights' Hall L6 1 304
Lantern Spire L9 1 84
Library L9 1 126
Observatory L9 1 210
Queen's Gate 99 297
Queen's Tower 99 297
Royal Chateau L5 1 400
Royal Cow 99 2475
Royal Manor L10 1 220
Royal Pig 99 2475
Royal Piglet 99 2475
Sabina's House 1 100
Sand Spire 99 1485
Sand Wall 99 297
Sand Watchtower 99 1485
Stone Wall 37 37
Theater L9 37 11914
Topiary Wall 99 297
Tower 99 297
Victorian Garden 1 155
Wall 99 297
Watchtower L9 1 84
Wrought-Iron Gate 99 297

This will yield >30'000 RP, The only catch: the kingdom will look awful!


Nuggets (www.portailsmm.com/cs/CastleStory-Nuggets.pdf) (PDF)

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08-15-18, 10:36 PM
From another thread:

OFF Topic ( LOL ):
i stopped at 25k, after S8 capped the Animals&Deco; cuz you need royalcows, even with over 40 lv9 amphies would be difficult.

here is a teaser from a lost nbr ( after setting the cap:mad: ):

12-19-18, 01:06 PM
Updated the maximum RP possible based on all plots released in 2018! We can have 30k RP if well planned and still have a functions economy.