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08-15-18, 05:24 AM
Tried looking around, but didnt immediately find an answer:

What if any influence do the social rating have on the game? I realise that by visiting neighbours you will receive experience, energy and gold, but does the rating level have influence on game chances or other things?
And you earn more gold if you have been visited, does a visit also incur other chances to be raised?(items in visited places)?.

Please a kind referral to the place it is explained if my post is out of place :)

08-15-18, 11:05 AM
So far as I know, social ranking has no effect on your game playing at all other than making your kingdom name appear higher on the Community list. As you've noticed you get xp, coins and up to (I think) 10 energy from visiting neighbors but the reward aspect is when your neighbors visit and tap on your buildings in return.

When a visitor taps on the heart above an object, it leaves sparkles behind. Then, when that same sparkled object is next collected it gives double xp and bonus coins; I'm pretty sure it's a 20% bonus on the coins but I can't recall where I read that. It doesn't effect the actual items that drop, for example if I visit and tap your mine you won't get more coal or stone, just more xp and coins.

For future, your post will be seen quickest if you post in the Help Me! thread and of course the HUB is a great source of information for all players: https://forums.storm8.com/forumdisplay.php?356-Castle-Story-The-Hub I know there's a thread full of information for new players that has something about visiting.