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08-12-18, 11:03 PM
How can I get tickets without spending money which I refuse to do? I am not seeing any bonus collections like in other bingo games I play. :confused:

Thank you for your time.
Confused In Cali

08-13-18, 12:17 PM
Hi Jabberjaw! Tickets are earned in three ways:
1. A daily infusion. You'll see something like "+18 in 21:00:00" below your ticket total. Simply open the game when this timer expires to collect that amount and refresh the timer.
2. Earning a Bingo on a card refunds the tickets spent on that card. Note that for High Roller (unlocks at level 18) and Double Diamond (unlocks at level 38), both in the Special World, it is possible to earn even more tickets than you spent.
3. Completing events and limited-time challenges.

Each room also contains a Collection Card which, when completed by earning Collectibles from Mystery Chests, adds a permanent bonus to your daily ticket infusion. Always try to complete as many Collections as you can!

Thank you for your support of Bingo!

08-17-18, 03:22 PM
Hi ExcalS8,

Thank you for the information and feedback. The bonuses collected still isn’t enough for the games I would like to move on to. I’ll have to stay in the low rent area until I build up enough. Tournament prices are 3xpensive too. Might want to think about lowering those so everyone has a chance to play.

Thank you again for your time.