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12-27-17, 08:35 AM
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Here's the space to share your creativity and funny stories with the community. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. :)
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07-17-18, 09:39 AM
Fun Corner

''Twas the night before Christmas
Not a creature was stirring except for the cat
Who was sneaking up on the sleeping rat
When, what to my eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny elephants,
With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be Stormie Claus
He reached into his sack and with his gloved hand
He tossed little white elephant gifts all over the land

Good Luck to All!
And to All a Good Night!


All of my gnomes are having a party on the farm.


All gnomes in my farm really want to dance with the chicken.
But now they are only watching the band.... maybe still waiting Mr&Mrs Gnome to join them, lol


One of the Show Ponies comes to check out the Birthday Celebration!
Cakes from previous years...
Animal Cupcakes...

Oh such excitement and anticipation


Just thought I'd acknowledge the hard work we had to do to get through this event (some successfully, some unsuccessfully) with a reunion of the cast of "Happy Feet" ;)


The duck starts to quack when he looks at the line of ice cream trucks.
He listens to the ringing of the ice cream bells and tries to decide which ice cream truck to visit.
Hmmmm wonder how long the old girl has been farming...
A lot of ice cream trucks from a lot of sweet events.


They're having a hard discussion which way to go next.
The countless directional signs are confusing and useless, they should've been burried at the cellar forever.

Phew, finally after a little hardwork, Bowie and Ripley are joining the competition, they're waiting for Morgan to call out their name, the next one is swimming. Who's the winner?

Josie and Jeremiah are really enjoying Valentine month! They went to my farm with their cute bicycle this morning. And then had a romantic picnic in the afternoon (together with the Bears and Foxy, hehe) and Lucas made a super delicious dinner for the couple! So lovely... and they wanted to sit at the romantic park bench to enjoy the romantic pond while listening to the siging birds behind them... They said the petals are beautiful and aromatic. ❤️ I am so happy for them... :o pssttt, the piglets are jealous.

This is a collage photo of my chincillas under the pink sakura tree, Hans and Sandra are in love... :o


The Dinosaur sisters together before the wedding. Don't they look beautiful?! :love_heart:


07-18-18, 03:21 AM
The Adventures of Wild Gus

Once upon a time.... a lovely elderly pair of geese live in a little cottage in a farm. Every morning, Papa Goose goes outside to fetch his morning newspapers while Mama Goose puts the kettle on and prepares breakfast. This morning, Papa Goose took a glance at the newspapers and fell on the ground, thumping his webbed feet non stop. Mama Goose came rushing out to help her sweetheart when she heard the loud thud.

Hmmmm... I wondered what shocking news has Papa Goose read....


After Mama Goose put Papa Goose to bed with a cup of chamomile tea to soothe him, she picked up the papers to find out... While reading the news of a goose messing up the chickens of nearby farms, she thought "Oh dear, no wonder Gus has been missing the last couple of days!". She then went outside the cottage and gave her loudest squawk to summon their playful son, Gus, home!

Gus reluctantly returned home upon hearing his mother's cry. Mama Goose saw how dirty he was and ordered him in her sternest voice to head straight to the bath. Gus jumped up and down in protest for a few minutes but eventually, he gave in and went for a bath obediently. No goose says no to his mother.

(This was really a fluke screenshot as Gus happened to appear at that spot by pure chance!)


Meanwhile in nearby farms... news of Gus's departure travelled fast through the chatter vines of the chickens, with them being such a chattery lot. Feeling relieved and delighted, the chickens got busy cleaning their coops and swept away the stinky feathers which amounted to a huge feather pile. They cleaned and decked themselves in their finest beads and pretty feathers and held a bonfire party to celebrate that very night.


The next day, Mama Goose was pleasantly surprised to find a basket of lovely eggs and gifts outside their cottage, compliments from the chickens for saving them from playful Gus.


A week later.....

Mama Goose saw that they had a new neighbour, a friendly Beagle who came to live on the farm.

As for Gus... he stayed home under the watchful eyes of Papa and Mama Goose. (Oh well at least for now.... until his next wild adventure! :p)


And they all lived happily ever after..... :D

The End.

Cast: Papa Goose, Mama Goose, Gus, Chickens and Beagle
Costumes and props: Farm Story 2 designers
Produced by: Farm Story 2 team
Directed by: Rynetory2

Disclaimer: No animals were harm in any way during this production. Definitely no testings on animals.

The curtains rise....

The cast returns to the stage to bow to the audiences for being so appreciative and supportive!! Thank you so much!! :D:D

(ummm.... my apologies for Papa Goose still hiding under the papers. He is extremely camera shy and his aged knees buckle so much with stage fright that he can't stand up.)

Oh look! Is that Gus flapping his wings in attempt to escape for his next wild adventure?!


Back in real life.... several months of peaceful farm life went by......

One fine morning, Papa Goose went out to fetch his papers... he fell down once again, as if history repeated itself. "Not again! What had Gus done this time?" Mama Goose thought to herself.


When Papa Goose finally recovered from his shock, the elderly couple sat on couch and continued to read the news.

Apparently the production has been nominated in the Foscars Awards (Planet Farm 2's equivalent to Oscars Awards on Earth). Gus has been nominated for the Best Actor and the production has been nominated for having the Best Audience. They both were so overjoyed and quickly went to share this news with the chickens. No news travel faster than the chicken chatter vines! ("ccv" rivals the "www" on Earth lol)

A month later at the Foscars Awards ceremony, the production won the Best Audience Award but sadly for Gus, he lost out to the "Snow White and the 7 Gnomes". He was a little disappointed but very determined to make his next wild adventure even better.

Special acknowledgements from Rynetory2 to the Audience who posted and also those who supported silently. "Many thanks for your huge appreciations to this humble production! This wouldn't had been made without your awesome support! You guys are the best!! :D:D"


07-18-18, 03:22 AM
Show Ponies Play Date

Busy morning at my farm.....

My show ponies wanted to go over to your farms to visit your newborn show pony babies when they heard of their arrivals. I was making travel arrangements for them by the delivery plane when the other ponies felt left out and insisted they went along. So now I am getting Mr Rooster to load the hay unto the train for their journey, with the delivery plane being too small to transport them all.

My show ponies are patiently waiting for him to finish before they get unto the train. Boy I better send them off quickly before the other pets hear of their play day out, then I will never hear the end of it. I hope you guys wont mind my little zoo going for over a visit. :o


The Show Horses and the Meowing Cats gathered by the train station waiting for rynetory2's arrival.

The horses tried to explain the last minute rules to the impatient, hopping cats:
No coughing up hair balls.
No walking on the food table.
Let the guests board the ferris wheel first.
Remember swishing horse's tails are not toys.
Horse's legs are not tree trunks for sharpening claws.
AND NO CATNIP! You will not visit while under the influence.


I do love story time! I have no picture to go with my additon here, but I can tell you that my onyx pony gets very lonely walking around the farm when all the other pets are sleeping. He really would like a friend. But alas, thus far more could only afford one pony at a time. He is anxiously awaiting the arrival of other visiting ponies!

Choo... choo... Away we go to our first stop - Judy's farm

Just as I was the last and about to board the train, Piper, her fox and Jed Bird suddenly appeared and ambushed me at the Train Station. They heard through the "ccv" by Mr. Rooster (who else!) that the ponies were leaving for their play day. They refused to let me board the train unless I brought them along, threatening to tell the other pets if I didn't. I tried to talk them out for a bit but they refused to barge. With Madame Conductor reminding us that we were running late, I gave in seeing how I couldn't out talk Piper and Jed Bird who said that the show ponies baby boom was due to his arrival. Of course, he was correct.


Finally we all got unto the train and left the farm. The horses were very excited about their play date throughout the train ride. They couldn't wait to see the newborns and when they heard of the ferris wheel on Judy's farm, they got so excited that they rocked the train a bit. It was a bumpy ride for a while... with Piper cheering them on. :p

Before we get to our 1st stop - Judy's farm, I will go through the checklist and trip schedule again and not forgetting to give Piper, Jed Bird and the horses a last minute reminder.

1. Food, snacks, hay for journey -> done
2. Baby gifts -> done
3. Last minute reminder to Piper, Jed Bird and horses
- be very very gentle to new babies
- behave and be very well mannered; remember to say Thank you to our hosts
- play nicely with other kids; share your toys

Trip Schedule
1st stop - Judy
2nd stop - HelloUncertainty
3rd stop - Fairyreserve

Some time later..... the train stopped. Yayyy we have arrived at Judy's beautiful farm. I am so looking forward to see Judy, her newborns and her famous beloved cats! :D

07-18-18, 03:22 AM
The Mystery of Rynetory's missing Frostings

I went around the farm searching for Piper so she could persuade Delora the dinosaur to drop more frostings for me. She was nowhere to be found. I guess she was busy somewhere with the party preparations, so I went to talk to Delora on my own.

"Delora sweetie, do you think you can drop more frostings at my farm? I would give you some juicy steaks if you would do that." I asked Delora. She bowed her head and kept silent sheepishly, with a red blush on her cheeks growing redder by the minute. Delora finally spoke in an apologetic voice, "I'm so sorry, I ate some of your frostings. They are so delicious and we don't have desserts back home where I am from."

Well, that certainly explained why I was hardly getting any frostings. But instead of being angry, I felt sorry for Delora. Poor child, she had never tasted desserts before. I made a deal with Delora and offered her any food that she could see on my farm in exchange for the frostings. (praying hard and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for my cows :p)

Delora happily glanced around my farm and she was delighted to see the vanilla ice cream I just finished making at the Ice Creamery. She pointed at them and asked if she could have them excitedly. :) (phew the cows are safe, thank goodness. lol)


Of course I was more than happy to give her my ice cream and told her she could have them and I would be making more yummylicous sweets for her. Haha looks like my ice creamery is going to be working around the clock to keep her happy.

Here's a picture of Delora digging into her ice cream. And I am very happy with my frostings. :D
(My other pets just look at Delora in awe as they have never seen a dinosaur before, much less one eating an ice cream!)


07-18-18, 03:24 AM
The Penguins' Summer Vacation

Once upon a time in a faraway land where everything is cold and icy... there are 3 penguins who are best of friends - Summer, Bernard and Proper.

The weather got colder as the winter months drew closer and Summer complained of the cold to his other two pals. "Brrrrrr... tis so cold that I couldn't warm the food and I am tired of eating cold pizzas all the time." Bernard suggested they take a vacation and visit their old neighbours, Polar Bear, Husky and Arctic Fox, who have moved to warmer places last year.

"They wrote me letters of how great and warm the weather is at their new homes. But I haven't hear from them lately... the weather is so cold here that even the birds refused to fly our mails the last few weeks! How about we visit them and check their new dens out? They have been asking us to go over for a visit." suggested Bernard. And Proper, being prim and proper, said "But... but.... we are the penguins, we are suppose to like the cold."

Anyways, Summer who has a fondness of summer weather, is all game for the trip and so it was decided that they go for a vacation.


When the 3 penguins arrived at my farm, they stayed at the Murray's Holiday Resort which was near to their friends' homes.

Basking in the warm sunshine, they totally enjoyed themselves catching up with their old neighbours, partying and chilling by the pool and enjoying the spa and archery facilities. The 3 penguins were especially thrilled to see hula penguin gals dancing gracefully. It's amazing where Mr. Murray managed to find these lovely dancers.


This little penguin looks like he's having a smashing good time lol. :D


The penguins had such a great time that they were sad to leave at the end of the trip. I tried to convince them to stay but sadly I ran out of penguin punches. Anyways, the 3 little penguins had a wonderful vacation. :D They promised to write as soon as the birds start flying the mails again.

The End

08-07-18, 07:59 AM
Santa's Summer Vacation

The penguins got home and told stories of their wonderful holiday to their friends. Soon the stories of their vacation travelled to the Santa's village and Santa himself.

With the elves busy and they could manage themselves with the preparations of gifts for the Holiday season, Santa thought he had some free time and perhaps he should take a vacation too. And with some nudging from Rudolph his favourite reindeer, he started packing for his trip.


The next morning, Santa got unto his private jet (ops I meant his reindeer sleigh) and took off along with Rudolph, Prancer and the rest of his faithful reindeers.


That very afternoon, I was tending to my herbs garden when I saw white flakes falling around me. "Where were these flakes from?" I looked up the sky and around the farm and didn't see anything unusual so I went to ask the chickens if they knew anything about it. They were unusually excited and told me that a very very special guest had arrived at Mr. Murray's resort.

Hmmmm, did the penguins return? The birds still weren't flying the mails so I couldn't hear from them. I hurried over to Mr. Murray to find out...

I was completely stunned to see Santa himself when I got there. Oh he looked so dashing in his summer gear and he gave me a wave when he saw me. The snow flakes came falling off his sleigh when he arrived shortly ago. Santa told me that he came for a vacation after he heard of the stories from the penguins and he would be visiting all the farms during his stay. He wanted to see all our beautiful farms. :)


Time flies when you're having fun... soon it was time for Santa to return home. I went over to Mr. Murray's Holiday Resort to see Santa off. He told me that he had a fabulous time visiting all the interesting and beautiful farms. The farmers told him they love the winter season and they hope it would snow this year. Indeed, it has not snowed on Planet Farm 2 since years 2015 and 2013.

Santa got unto his sleigh and while the reindeers took off, he sprinkled some magic dust on the grass and there appeared a snowman! Snow flakes started to fall! Oh Santa is such a darling! We waved Santa goodbye and we hope you would come back for another visit soon. :)


08-07-18, 08:01 AM
The Penguins are back - Trip to the Ice Cream Factory

The other penguins decided that they wanted to visit Farm Story 2 after hearing all the wonderful stories of Summer, Bernard and Proper's vacation. And Bernard, who missed us so much, came back with his friends - Pika and Snowy Owl.

Last weekend, Morgan and I brought the penguins and Piper to visit the Ice Cream Factory where everything was made of ice-cream, well almost everything. You could find all different flavours of ice-cream there and you could eat to your heart's content.

The penguins loved it and they had so much fun there. Wow I certainly didn't know that the penguins have a gigantic appetite and I was amazed by how much they could eat. Even Piper and her fox couldn't keep up with them.

The thought of ice-cream brought fond memories of Delora to mind. I shall bring her here the next time if she visits us again. :)


These two penguins were so busy digging into their ice-cream sundaes... and the sundaes were much bigger than them! And this little one ate so much that he fell asleep on the spot lol.


It was a fun day and we all enjoyed ourselves very much, especially the penguins. :)

Just for you... here's a picture of Bernard climbing up the Fudge Fountain for some delicious fudge. :)


The penguins left at the end of their vacation, with more wonderful stories of their vacation to share with their friends back home. Pika and Snowy Owl decided to stay at Farm Story 2, being so in love with the warm weather and everything here. Additionally, much to my utmost delight, Snowy Owl will be flying the mails to the penguins for us to keep in touch.

And they all lived happily ever after... :D

The End.

11-01-18, 02:19 AM
Halloween Ball - Trick or Treats

Piper received several letters from Delora of how she missed us heaps and of course the desserts, that goes without saying! Delora apparently had grown a sweet tooth during her previous visit to our farms. :p So Morgan got Piper to invite Delora and her sister, Adora, over for Halloween.

The sisters dinosaurs arrived at our farms last week, thanks to the Farm 2 team. Morgan took the kids to the Ice Cream Factory where Delora and Adora ate to their hearts' content. And like Delora previously, Adora had her dessert for the first time and fell in love with them. Thank goodness the Ice Cream Factory had more than enough desserts to satisfy their ferocious appetite.

As a special Halloween treat for the kids, pets and animals this year, on Halloween night, we brought them to visit Frankie and Francine who live in a big huge Haunted House near the cemetary.


Frankie and Francine threw a Halloween ball for all monsters, ghosts, everyone with their famous recipes of Electric Tonic and Shocking Soda brewing in the pots. The bats flew madly in the bright moonlit skies and the ghosts came out to party.

The animals hopped onto the carousel while Piper and Delora worked out a mischievous plan - Piper went inside the Graveyard to chase the little ghosts out while Delora hid in the trees outside, waiting to spook them when they came out.

Meanwhile, Andora wandered timidly towards the cemetary to peep at the Witch Gnome who sat reading her Book of Potions, hovering on her broomstick. Looks like the Witch Gnome was trying to brew a potion to resurrect the dead... was that a skeleton hand coming out of the grave? Did she succeed? ... :eek:

We all had a blast at the ball. The kids had so much fun, filled with sweets and candies, the animals and pets were happily spooked while the ghosts and monsters enjoyed their favourite time of the year! :D