View Full Version : Rigged tournaments

07-17-18, 05:18 PM
THE TOURNAMENTS ARE RIGGED! I played the max number (8) of cards, used auto dab on half, got extra balls at the end of each game, got bingos on 6 cards, and the highest score I could get was a little over 3,000. My highest total was around 7,000 - 8,000, and that's with a lot of bingos. So how do people with even lower ranks than me score well over 100,000? I think the game uses bots and the bots are manipulating their own scores! There is NO WAY for regular players to win these tournaments, so I stopped playing them altogether!

Lots of people noticing this and complaining about the lack of response from the creators of the game.

07-18-18, 10:54 AM
Players are using different strategies to get high scores in the tournaments. Please check out our other threads regarding the tournaments for tips on the strategies their using. :)