View Full Version : Absolutely horrible update with diamonds and keys. Same for Monoploly Bingo.

06-28-18, 01:05 PM
Horrible new update with the price of diamonds and keys or using your diamonds to open the envelopes. I used to absolutely love playing this game but how much you guys are now trying to take isn?t even worth playing anymore. And the amount of dice I now earn is measly. You take away more than you could even earn in this game now. You have basically ruined this whole game, it?s no longer fun to play, nor do I have the urge to play anymore. What was the point in changing it honestly? Why play a game where you lose more than you earn? Well there isn?t a good enough reason or answer to give to the want to play anymore.

06-29-18, 01:12 AM
It?s ridiculous! They need to give us more money for winning games if they?re going to put up the price of keys etc. what a pain