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04-02-11, 08:19 PM
You know I think there are some wonderful possibilities for these games.The formula right now is basic for most of the "Story" games consisting of Have seats + Have food = Get money. I say why stop there? Some of my ideas can be applied to many of the "Story" games since they are so much alike so I will speak in a general sense. Here's what I'm thinking...

Have customers come in with a desire for a particular food/drink/music, if you have it for them, they are overjoyed and give a bonus, maybe 2x tips or something.

Having fancier tables and chairs should make customers give multipliers on food.

Here's a fun idea, if you have at least 3 different types of food/drinks available for customers to choose from, maybe you can get a bonus it you get 5 customers sitting in a line who choose the same item to consume...this would add a "X factor" to the game. So exciting.

Make an option to Exchange coins for gems/cash etc. The number could be obscene like 300k for 1 gem or something like that.

Have some kind of bonus available for keeping your rep at 4 stars for different amounts of time ie. Bonus 20,000k for keeping your rep at 4 stars 7 consecutive days. This could also be done with keeping your customers happiness at 100, blocking your door aka closing the restaurant should make the customers unhappy and you lose your streak.

What do you guys think? Do you like some of these ideas and would they be reasonably feasible? Anyone else got any cool, fun, crazy ideas chime in, I'm assuming team lava looks at these from time to time.

Go Team Lava!

04-02-11, 08:45 PM
- To add on to first idea: Possibly "food/drink of the day". If you have it, the people give 1 coin extra for every food/drink sold that day (OR XP bonus). 2x seems a bit too much.
- multipliers on food may be a bit too easy and the game would get boring fast. Possibly a 1 or 2 coins bonus for the really fance tables/chairs OR XP bonus.
- Love the exchange coins to gems idea
- Keeping 4 stars is hard and it deserves a bonus. Happiness change would possibly upset many current players even though it makes the game more fun and challenging.

04-02-11, 10:06 PM
All ideas sound good and adds goals and a feeling of something to achieve and be rewarded for that achievement.

I do like the coins for gems idea also.

04-20-11, 09:46 AM
I want to be able to play it even offline!

04-26-11, 03:30 PM
All ideas sound good and adds goals and a feeling of something to achieve and be rewarded for that achievement.

I do like the coins for gems idea also.

No! I'm sorry everyone, but I agree with a the great ideas except the gems. Perhaps the obscene 500k(+-) might go through, but gems are the only way that TeamLava make money. If TeamLava go, so do the servers and so do the games. Not good.

04-26-11, 03:32 PM
I want to be able to play it even offline!

It would be good, but unfortunately impossible. I know that Tap____ games have a non-Internet mode where you canview your _____, and perhaps TeamLava could implement that, but you wouldn't be able to play. It just wouldn't work.

04-26-11, 03:48 PM
These are some very innovative ideas. Thanks for sharing. :)

05-14-11, 11:17 AM
Great Ideas! Wonderfull!
Keep it up!

Kind Regards,

05-29-11, 04:32 AM
(I wrote this in another board and its improvement for all games, not only BS)
Greets TeamLava!

You are doing a great work with the games, however, things can always be improved!
(I am playing RS, BS, NC and FS)

Weekly Updates:
Thats just great! If it was true...
I actualy found a weekly update two weeks in a row now in two of the games for the first time!
Thats great!
However, if you are trying to tell us that we will get weekly updates, then we expect it, and we love it, but so far, we haven't got it at all. We don't demand it, but if you say we'll get it, we do demand it! ^^

An Idea to solve this (aslong as you already have alot of coming weekly updates) could be to only give us like 1-3 things in the weekly update at a time, then we'll get something new and that is enough to satisfy the players!
The best way would ofcourse be to give us one cash item and 1-2 Gem items or such, so its something for everyone?
We would ofcourse love to keep on getting alot of things in the "weekly updates" but this could be something to solve it if you don't got that many weeks planned with updates. ^^

So to the Gem Problem:
Gems means alot to us, realy, more then you think.
You have to get us to buy Gems to earn some money to keep on coming with updates, we all get that and you should ofcourse get profit of what you are spending your time on!
However, the system should be more fair.

Some examples:
*Yesterday, I happend to click on the "Buy Slot for 25 Gems" in Fashion Story, this was a big misstake and I lost 25 Gems in wich I saved for detailing since you released this game, this thing is now making me concider to stop playing it at all, maybe the other games aswell.
25 Gems is ALOT, and why not simply solve it with a "Are you sure you want to buy this slot for 25 Gems?" popup? How hard can that be for you guys to program? If you check out the Fashion Story section, then you'll see that its plenty of people that is angry about this.
And... 25 Gems for one slot? I could offer -10 Slots to get those 25 Gems back... One extra slot should cost like 10 Gems at a max...
(I am willing to offer 10-15 slots if I can get those 25 Gems back... :( )

*Another thing that alot of us is realy irritated about is the Free Gems thing when downloading new games. We realy love this, but its unclear for everyone if you only should get it at one game or more.
Some get on 3 games, some all, and some on 1, some even don't get the Gems at all?
The best thing would probaly be to give us the gems on every of your games that we are playing.
If you only want us to get it on 1 GAME only (???) then we'll need alittle fact here, maybe a popup here aswell? "Are you sure you want to download the game from here? You will only get the Gems in one Game." Peoples are getting realy annoyed about that.

*I also got another Gem thing that is related to the one above, its when you get Gems for downloading OTHER Games MADE by YOU guys. When I got my iPhone, I found Restaurant Story, I loved it and directly searched for other Games made by you guys, right here, I should get a profit, you don't even have to tell me to download your games, I found them myself as I love them!
What happend is that my Girl Friend then downloaded only Restaurant Story on her iPhone, and then got the messages with Free Gems if she download the other Games... Right there, (Im sorry for the language) but Im ****ed and kicked on the balls. I spend time to find your games and get nothing, she got 56 Gems for doing nothing.
Maybe just simply make an auto thing that can see if you have the other Games and then just adds the Gems for free? Uhm? Right there, when I started, It almost got me to quit.

*About easier getting Gems if you don't want to help us out in anything else, an idea that I found on the forums could be to buy them for cash, like 300k for 1 gem, why not 500K? or 1 million per Gem?
Just give us the option to get them could be something that we'd all love. :)
You don't wanna buy another Gem pack for real money if you'd miss one Gem for an item you want.
However, I do realize that this is less likely to happen.

*The last thing that I can get to think of is something that ruined all the fun a few days after NightClub was released. I realy loved it and I was about to buy some Gems, sadly, something happend with AppStore or my iPhone so I couldn't buy it, I had to wait a day and sync it with the comp, then, when I was about to buy the Gems, "Or Club Cash", the items I wanted was GONE.
You removed them without giving a hint at all, I mean, thats not okey, however, you just lost some money. You also removed some items that you could buy with normal ingame money in wich I wanted alot, thank you for that... Uhm...

Other InGame Ideas:
Here is a few other things that I believe we'd all love! :)
*Make it possible to MOVE windows or atleast other wall items without storing them again.
*Make it possible to serve Drinks on Restaurant Story.
*Cheaper to expand in NightClub or easier to earn money.
*Make it possible to move the door around OR buy another door type/more doors?
*Make it possible to turn all the items in every game at every possible direction.
*Balance the Gem items abit with the Gem prices.
*Give us an hint if some items is only there to stay for a small period.
*A marking to see who of your friends that realy gave you a gift.
*Something to click "Mark all friends/give all friends a gift", instead of click click click...
*Make your Avatar stand and sell cloths in Fashion Story instead of just an Avatar.
*Maybe also make it possible to dress the second and third "Avatar" if you buy more cashiers?
*A marking, like a Star or such, on the food you reach the max LVL on, that would be 4.
*And a new GAME IDEA for you, a CASINO Story! ^^

Besides all that, Keep it up! :)

Kind Regards,