View Full Version : Unofficial Pets Live/Retired Storm8 Games Discord Server

05-16-18, 10:18 AM
https://static.androidgame365.com/uploads/posts/2014-08/1407119888_pets-live.jpg (https://discord.gg/jdhyP8A)
Hi everyone!
I have made a Discord server dedicated to finding your long lost friends from Pets Live and other retired Storm8 games. If you don't know what Pets Live was, it was a game that opened back in 2009 and closed in late 2015 along with others including iMobsters, World War, Zombies Live and Vampires Live. I had made several friends on Pets Live, but I lost contact with most. The few friends that I still have contact with (SilverPaw, DarkPokemon and Giratina) have been reminiscing over the past and we wanted to try to at least get in contact with our long lost friends.
I would greatly appreciate it if you all join, or at the very least spread the link around.

Here is a link to our discord server! (https://discord.gg/jdhyP8A)