View Full Version : Fav Beast

04-30-18, 06:51 PM
Just stared at my kingdom for a while and realized - again - my favorite beast is the Fireworks Naga. Now I?m curious, which beasts do you guys like?

05-01-18, 07:23 PM
I love my purple cow the most :o but Pepe is a close second. Probably because I earned them so long ago when I first started playing. I know it?s silly but I say hello to them when I open my game ;)

05-02-18, 04:56 AM
I absolutely love my dire wolves, and if my shadow lynxes were 2x1 like my wolves are, that would be my second favorite😍

05-02-18, 11:25 AM
Pinkie the Alicorn. Every once in a while he gives me 100 energy!

Also my Skelecorns. I got them from a Halloween event a while ago, and they just look great in the 'spooky' section of my kingdom.