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03-30-11, 11:55 PM
Hello everyone. I've been going through the in game music genres and some of the music (IMO) is great but they're sippets, mere seconds of the song and then onto another two or three and repeats.

I was wondering if any of the members here or the Team Lava employees can post the track list of the in-game music by genre with the name of the artists and songs. I'd like to get my hands on some the full version of these songs and find more music from those particular artist if possible.

Thanks in advance to any and everyone who can help.

03-31-11, 12:40 AM
I don't generally use the in game. I find Nick Skitz has mad dance tracks and it always loads my music. I guess I should turn it on in-game ... hmm.

04-01-11, 02:52 PM
Some of the music is pretty funny.

04-02-11, 02:12 PM
I would like the R & B Music Track List if anyone has it. Some of these songs I would like to have the full version.

04-02-11, 02:31 PM
The tracks are by "DJ TeamLava". I don't think they have long, full versions because they'd be using copyrighted content if it was someone else's. It's probably TeamLava's own recordings as it is by "DJ TeamLava" and they wouldn't create full songs because they're not music producers and that's not required for the game.

05-15-11, 02:57 PM
Not necessarily true. One of the songs is called "God Tonight" by Real Life. The version in the game is the "Beat Me Senseless" mix.

Good luck on the rest.

05-22-11, 10:28 PM
I found out songs are...
3 Passing by Again (The Mother Trucker)
4 I Remember You (Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers)
5 Homeward Bound (Tumbledown)

2 Israel (Acoustic Food)
4 God Tonight (Real Life)

09-18-11, 02:28 PM
I know that one on the pop section is "Gravity" by Silver Medallion

kooky panda
09-18-11, 02:38 PM
MFcct this is an older thread so I will be closing it, but this is a great topic can you start a new thread?