View Full Version : Gee ...

03-30-11, 05:37 PM
... this game is laggy! Is it just me or does it freeze a lot for others as well?

03-30-11, 05:42 PM
Can I ask what device you are using, and what version of iOS your device is running?

Also, if this is a recurring event, I would recommend you contact our Support team about this issue. You can reach them via email at support@teamlava.com

03-30-11, 05:54 PM
I'm using an iPhone on the current update ... don't ask me to get anymore technical than that otherwise my brain will start to go into spasm!

I thought that maybe all the movement and flashing lights were causing it so wanted to check if others were experiencing the same problem ...

03-30-11, 06:23 PM
Mine is fast as. iPod 4th Gen Vers 4.3.1