View Full Version : Leveling up but not getting any dice rewards

03-31-18, 03:46 PM
It says I've earned 10 dice Everytime I level up, but they aren't credited to my account.

04-02-18, 11:24 AM
Hi Broncosgirl! The dice you earn from leveling up is applied immediately, before the information slider. Hypothetically, let's say you played a game and gained 5 levels all at once, worth 10 dice per level for a total of 50. If your dice total before was 100, now you would see that it's 150. The information sliders would each show one by one "Level 20 - 10 Dice", "Level 21 - 10 Dice", "Level 22 - 10 Dice", and so on. However, you're not earning 10 from each slider as they show up, you already earned your total of 50 and the sliders are just catching up.