View Full Version : Scheduled Maintenance - 3/11/18

03-09-18, 04:38 PM
We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on ALL games on Sunday, March 11th. Maintenance will begin 1:50am Pacific Time and will be in maintenance for approximately 2 hours.

Please note that you will not be able to access the games during maintenance. Thank you for your patience!

You can use a Time Zone Converter to figure out your local time. You can enter "San Francisco" for our time zone (PST).

Time Zone Converter (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html): compare where you are with United States-California-San Francisco

03-11-18, 03:22 AM
It's happening (: ★


03-11-18, 04:16 AM
Scheduled Maintenance has ended. You may resume with your games. :)

03-11-18, 04:25 AM
Yaay (: ty S8 ★

04-08-18, 03:50 PM
I hv submitted a couple tickets. The first they closed and suggested i enable auto update. It had already been enabled.

The second was a form notification that basically they dont hv the staff to help individuals. Really?

Im on a Kindle Fire OS
I wont transfer to and from a cellphone all the time. Thats ridiculous.
I transferred the island to the cell phone to get the things i SHOULD have.

Arena, Quest, bingo, STORAGE, codex

Cannot participate in world events, leaderboard or Dragon Tales.

For crying out loud, not even storage is available?

Is there a scheduled or possibly forthcoming modification to the Kindle programming?

kooky panda
04-19-18, 09:38 AM
The Kindle platform is not supported.

The version of Dragon Story that's on Kindle is the base game from when it was originally released.

Playing on Android or iOS gives access to the most updated versions of the game.