View Full Version : Not sure why this slots game is so different than all the others.

02-17-18, 03:57 PM
Been playing for awhile now on another one of my devices. Why one would ever pay for credits is beyond me. Seems worse then real life slots as far as "luck" (payout) goes. Based on my experiences with playing with free credits, if you were to pay, you are guaranteed to loose it all within a short time frame. So why would anyone in their right mind pay? Why they can't make it truly random and have it be based on luck is beyond me. I guess the quicker they get rid of "freeloaders" spinning the wheel, the more CPU cycles and network bandwidth they have for people they have gotten to pay.

Everything is predetermined before you spin. It phones home when it is spinning and it tells what you get. I don't know how many times I have started the game and had it do free spins automatically times X, and then after it finishes, the daily chest choice comes up, and of course no matter which one you pick, it is the # of free spins that just ran, it just did it out of order due to some bug. Instead of having you pick a chest (it already knows which bonus it is going to give you) and making you believe it is actually luck or any randomness. I bet people that do pony up money, win frequently for a period of time, then it goes back to what it was, hoping to draw you back in and get another payment.